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In the Clouds

One recent Saturday morning I was sitting in a Dallas, Texas bridal boutique. The boutique is located in an old refurbished house along a tree lined street, in a sweet downtown neighborhood. I was there to be with our future daughter in-law along with her mother, grandmother, an aunt, and one of her good friends, as she tried to find the perfect gown. The rooms of that boutique were painted all in a blush color. The natural light that came in through the windows made the main room glow. In that room we seemed to be within a billowy cloud made up of wedding gowns, all lined up on the racks in neat rows. It was lovely and heavenly. In that room surrounded by people who love her, a beautiful young woman found her perfect gown. Tears of joy came to her eyes, and a big smile spread across her face. Tears of joy came to our eyes and big smiles came to our faces. Then, we celebrated.

Little did I know that on that same morning a dear friend was passing on to Glory. His wife would later tell me the story of her husband’s last day. She told me she tells it because it makes her feel better and apologized for wanting to talk about it. I told her that it was okay because this is their beautiful testimony and she needs to share it. Our friend knew he was dying and only had a little while. He still tried to live each day to the fullest, even though he was so very weak. On his last day he went to the store to shop for himself. When he got home he planned a deep sea fishing trip with the family for this coming weekend. It was one of his good days. That night however, he was in great pain. All night his precious wife did what she could for him. Saturday morning came and as his wife lifted him from his wheelchair, she felt him relax. As she held him in her arms, she looked into his face and knew. She looked into his face and that look of pain and suffering was gone, replaced with a smile. I think of our friend at that moment of his passing. I think of him entering a place of beautiful natural light, surrounded by colors of blush and billowy clouds. I think of him surrounded and welcomed by his loved ones, shedding tears of happiness with big smiles on their faces. Then I think of him clothed in his perfect robe as Jesus welcomed him. He smiled and they all celebrated.

When I was a little girl, I used to lie on my bed and look out my bedroom window at the huge cloud formations in a blue sky. I would wonder if those clouds would be the ones Jesus would at any second be coming in to bring Home His “bride.” I wonder about that still, especially when I see the massive thunderheads forming out here over the plains. The day I was traveling across the Panhandle from Amarillo to Dallas, there were dark clouds in the sky, but the sun peeked through, the sunrays shining down and touching the earth. The sky, the clouds, the rays, the forever was magnificent.  Once again I thought about Jesus. I thought that maybe God was reaching out with those rays, reaching out to say, “Look up, I’m here for you!” Or just maybe those rays were reaching down to welcome souls up to Glory, to bring family and friends Home. I smile to myself and I celebrate.

Love, M

 See! He is arriving, surrounded by clouds; and every eye shall see Him—yes, and those who pierced Him. And the nations will weep in sorrow and in terror when He comes. Yes! Amen! Let it be so!—Revelation 1:7

20190808_083057 Hwy. 287 between Amarillo and Claude, TX

In memory of our dear friend Bill “Woody” Wood. Woody, thank you for always taking care of us baseball wives, girlfriends, and families, and for getting me hooked on Parisa! Thank both you and Kathy for treating Phillip and me like family.


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  1. You bring tears to my eyes tears of joy love your post. You are an amazing writer so excited when I read them thank you for sharing all the love for Christ and family. 😘😘.

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