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Plug In Jesus

I have a Jesus nightlight. My mama gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I remember opening the present and there was “Jesus” staring up at me. I thought, “Mmmm, okay Mama” and then I plugged “Jesus” right in. I cherish this small gift from mama. That nightlight really lights up a room. It is a reminder to keep Jesus as the light of my home, and to keep Him as the light of my life. It also lights the way down a long hallway in my house.

When we moved into our house in Chattanooga, once again I opened up a box and there was “Jesus” staring up at me carefully wrapped in bubble wrap for the move. I unwrapped him and looked around for a place to plug him in. I found the perfect spot, plugging him into the far wall of our dining room. When you turn and face away from this dining room wall, you look down a long hallway that passes the stairway, the kitchen, a bath, and three bedrooms. When night falls, “Jesus” lights up and his light shines all the way down the hallway. I always tell our houseguests that if they ever need to get up during the night, “Jesus” will light their path.

One morning I got up at my usual early hour when the house is still dark and quiet. Immediately I noticed “Jesus” wasn’t lit up, so I figure his light bulb must have gone out. I had to feel my way in the dark, carefully walking down the hallway, until I reached  the kitchen where I turned a light on. I then walked into the dining room expecting to see “Jesus” plugged into the wall, but he wasn’t there. Instead he was lying on the dining room table. The evening before I had unplugged him and placed him on the table so that I could plug in my vacuum cleaner. I had totally forgotten to plug him back in and this was the reason his light wasn’t shining and guiding me down that dark hallway. I picked him up, plugged him in, and once again his light shone.

I am ashamed to admit it, especially being a Christian, there are times that I really do “unplug” Jesus and just lay Him aside. I think I can do something on my own, because I’m really stubborn like that. I go head first into the dark without His guidance, without His light. I feel my way through, stumble my way through, blinded by my self-reliance. Then when I learn my lesson and decide to plug Him back in, He forgives me and brightens my way to see clearly once again.

It wasn’t that long ago when there was a moment that I decided to unplug from Jesus. A friend had called to ask for advice. I got wrapped up in my emotions over my friend’s situation because I had been in a similar one. I unplugged Jesus and let my emotions take over and lead me where I shouldn’t go. I could hear the Holy Spirit whispering in my ear, “No, don’t go down that dark path.” I had Jesus laid aside. The Holy Spirit whispered again, “You know that is wrong to advise, say what you know is true, plug Me back in.” My strong willed self stumbled and fumbled down a dark place, I continued to give not so godly advice and when I hung up the phone, it hit me what I had done. I had failed a friend because I had unplugged The Light. I prayed and prayed for days this friend would not follow my advice, it was constantly on my mind. Then a few days later I made the call to check in on how things were going. I was so thankful my friend had decided to do the opposite of what I had advised. I thanked God so much and will continue to pray this person I cherish will be led by Jesus’ Light during this difficult situation and that the next time someone asks me for advice, I will keep Jesus plugged in.

Even though we may put Him to the side at times, Jesus is always waiting for us to reach out, grab ahold of Him and plug Him back in. He is always forgiving, always loving, and is understanding when we fail. If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior, if your life is a dark place, He desires that you reach out for Him and plug Him into your life. Open up His gift of eternal life. Plug Him in and transform a dark life into something bright that will light up a room.

Love, M

 Later, in one of His talks, Jesus said to the people, “I am the Light of the world. So if you follow Me, you won’t be stumbling through the darkness, for living light will flood your path.”—John 8:12




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  1. I love this!! I’m going to try to keep him “plugged in” all the time!!
    Thank you for your wonderful words!


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