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These days most of us have a GPS in our car and on our phone. This is a modern convenience that can be very helpful, or not. How many times has your GPS led you into some rough parts of town? That’s happened to me several times and so I’m still a map kind of  girl. Yes, I will use the GPS, but I back it up with a look at a real map and maybe jotting down the directions because I don’t want to end up on a street that leads down the road to some place I don’t need to be. The times I didn’t have backup were a bit adventuresome. I was a little nervous and was uncertain of the way out, and so was the GPS.

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God created us and He has embedded in each of us, our own GPS. I guess we could call it the ‘Godly Positioning System.’ We have a choice of whether we are going to use His system, or whether we are going to use our own. Are we going to follow God’s path, or are we going to follow the world’s path? The world’s path is dangerous and uncertain, but God’s Way is always certain. I have been a Christian for many years. As a young Christian I was still determined to do things my way. I was very independent and stubborn, and still can be. I felt like I had to solve problems my own way, or that I knew the best direction for my life. I would make most of my decisions without looking at God’s map and following His direction. It took me years to realize that I needed the ‘Godly Positioning System’ to help me down life’s roadway.  It took me several times of ending up in the wrong kind of “neighborhood” to finally figure out I needed to place God in the role of Navigator. God became the Pilot, not the Co-Pilot. I made the decision to finally listen to His guidance and allow the Holy Spirit to have a say in where I needed to go. I started reading more of His Word and that became my map. By studying and meditating on that “map” He has given me direction for my life. I am always growing in my knowledge about God, and growing in how to listen to what He wants from me and for me. His GPS voice gets louder and clearer. I will never be perfect, like I said, I am still quite independent and a bit stubborn, but each and every day I update God’s GPS that He placed inside of me. This earthly road will someday end for us all, and it will come to a dead end at either heaven or hell, the choice is yours. God’s embedded GPS is talking to you. He loves you and wants you to hear His voice and follow His Way. Will you listen and follow Him home?

Love, M

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  1. Another great blog. It reminds me of the role natural law played in influencing what our founding fathers did to place this great country on a great path. It sounds crazy to consider politicians choosing there own direction and thus the craziness that is our current political environment.


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