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Change of Plan


Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona, AZ

Have you ever had a time when you were really praying for something to happen and out of the blue it seemed your prayer was answered? I’ve been praying about something for the last few months and out of the blue one day my prayer seemed to have been answered. Everything looked perfect to me, as though what I had requested was falling into place. A couple of weeks passed and I wondered when everything would come to completion. When it did, it wasn’t the answer I had expected. I was disappointed, hurt, and a little angry. “How in the world did it end up this way?” “I thought things were working together perfectly.” “I thought God was working for what I wanted, or what I thought would be just the perfect situation.” All of these thoughts were going through my head. After the result that I didn’t see coming, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t get what had happened out of my head, I was just so irritated that things didn’t go the way I expected them to go. Then we attended Bible Study here in Arizona and God gave me a little answer. I heard a story from Brian who led the study that night. Brian told us how he had made plans to finally go to the Grand Canyon. He had lived in Arizona all these years and had never been.  He was taking his family on a camping trip there, everything carefully planned out and everyone was so excited, but a little mishap with his pop-up camper put a kink in the plans. Brian really wasn’t happy about it and he kept telling God he really wanted to go on this camping trip and why was this happening? He would eventually get the answer. Actually there was nothing wrong with the camper. Brian had just forgotten to reset something on the camper so that was causing it not to stay up. While his camper was in the shop, he took his daughter and her friend to see a preview of the new movie, ‘Paul, Apostle of Christ.’  His daughter’s friend didn’t know Christ and this movie seemed to move her. She was having difficulty in her family life and his daughter asked if she could pray for her as they drove along in the car after the movie. The friend said yes, and after that prayer the friend accepted Christ right there in that car. God had a reason for that family not to go on their planned camping trip and it was  to keep them home in order to bring someone lost and afraid to Christ. God was also pointing out to me that when I think I see what I believe to be the perfect plan unfolding in my own mind, He can still say, “Whoa now, I’m in control here and don’t you forget it!.” Only His Plan is perfect and sometimes I forget and need a little reminder. After hearing that story told at Bible Study, I knew God used our Study leader to tell me to settle down and just let Him handle things. God only does what is best for us, or for someone else, and if you think about it most of the time it isn’t exactly what we planned, it’s even better.

A couple of days after our Bible Study, Phillip had a rare off day during Spring Training so we decided to head north to Sedona, Arizona. We had heard how amazing the sights are  there and I can’t really describe the beauty we saw. The canyons and the red colored mountains, the high cliffs, and rocks. I looked up at those cliffs and felt the awesomeness of God’s Creation and oh how I felt so small.  We left everything behind for just a little while, and it restored me. My focus was once again on God and His greatness. My focus was on His power and how He can do all things. As I hiked above the canyon, I once again felt at peace in my soul. I felt free and I knew that everything is going to be alright because God has little ol’ me in the palm of His ginormous hand, protecting me and loving me.  Thank you God for that off day, You knew it was much needed.20180322_194429845

I will continue to pray for that thing I was praying for, but it will be more about God’s Plan than the plan I think is perfect and right. God will only do what is best for me and for you because of His great love for His children, His most precious and most beautiful Creation.

Love, M

 Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you. — 1 Peter 5:7


My view above Sedona, Arizona

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  1. Sedona is so beautiful! And thanks for the reminder. It’s hard when things don’t go our way, but beautiful to see how God’s plans are greater than ours!


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