A Baseball Life · Faith


The end of this baseball season meant jumping right back into normal life. We usually pack our things, load up our pickup, and take a leisurely trip back home trying to gradually leave the “Baseball World”, but this year was different. We pretty much hit the ground running into this Off-Season and now we are finally home and settling in. That first morning of waking up in your own bed is wonderful, but at the same time really odd. You feel like you’ve been in a dream for about six or seven months. It’s a dream of grinding away mentally and physically to reach a goal. You go through a lot of ups and downs, failures and achievements, laughter and tears for those many months together with the unique family of baseball.  All of a sudden it’s over, the family disperses and you wake up in your own bed as though you never left home. Your brain is scrambling to remember people and places in your hometown, or just to simply remember you are back home. At first I find myself driving down the road, seeing a Tennessee license plate then thinking to myself, “Oh, there’s someone from Tennessee. Wait, I am in Tennessee.” Yes, your brain is just bizarro for a week or two.

As much as I love the comfort of my home, waking in my own bed, cooking in my little kitchen (I think I miss it more than my bed), and surrounded by family heirlooms and photographs, I know this is not the home I need to cherish above everything else. The home that I cherish is not here in Chattanooga. I wonder if the way I feel when I wake for the first time in my own bed after baseball season, is kind of how it will be when we get to heaven. We’ve been walking through this life that many times seems like a crazy dream,  then one day suddenly waking and finding ourselves in our true home. After all the years of  grinding away mentally and physically on this earth. After all the ups and downs, failures and achievements, laughter and tears along with our earthly family, we finally achieve our goal, our heavenly prize…HOME.  The comfort and joy of waking up in the arms of Jesus and surrounded by our heavenly family is going to be a feeling that we can’t even imagine. Oh what a wonderful day that will be!

Love, M

I’m reminded of the old hymn we used to sing at the end of church service when I was a little girl, ‘Softly and Tenderly’……

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling,
calling for you and for me;
see, on the portals he’s waiting and watching,
watching for you and for me.
Come home, come home;
ye who are weary come home;
earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling,
calling, O sinner, come home!

Why should we tarry when Jesus is pleading,
pleading for you and for me?
Why should we linger and heed not his mercies,
mercies for you and for me?

Time is now fleeting, the moments are passing,
passing from you and from me;
shadows are gathering, deathbeds are coming,
coming for you and for me.

O for the wonderful love he has promised,
promised for you and for me!
Though we have sinned, he has mercy and pardon,
pardon for you and for me.

—Will L Thompson, 1880

Chattanooga, Tennessee