God Is Here

Yesterday San Antonio’s mayor made the statement that if Hurricane Harvey had just moved thirty miles farther inland to the West, his city would be seeing what Houston and the Coastal Region of Texas is seeing today. We prepared for the worst and prayed for the best. Now, we pray for those who are suffering under the cloud of that tremendous storm.

It’s amazing to me to see the power of God’s Creation and what it can do. Last week we all witnessed the power of His universe as millions observed the total eclipse of the sun. This week, we are witnessing the power of a mighty storm, a reminder of this imperfect world that we live in. But even in this imperfect world, God is here. We see it in the loving responses to those who are hurting. People loving on each other, helping each other, praying for each other, no matter who they are because God is here.

Phillip and I were able to get out yesterday and we drove to the ballpark to check on the conditions there. The sky was overcast, the wind was still blowing hard, and every now and then we would run into a shower of rain as we drove down the highway. I had to wonder if the sun was ever going to shine again. The remnants of the hurricane were lingering on and on, and the suffering of those damaged by the storm was weighing heavy on my heart. Once we got to the field, we spent some time down in the clubhouse and in his office. When we emerged again from underneath the stadium, we stepped out into glorious sunlight and looked up into the most beautiful blue sky I think I have ever seen. A deep, deep blue sky. I thought, “God is here.”

Life is like the weather. There are days of clear skies ahead, and then there are days of being in the center of a horrific storm. We should always be prepared for the storm with God as The Supplier for our needs. He is our shelter, He is our food, He is our water, He is our medicine, He is our Comforter, and His Son is our Savior. We pray, we read His Word, and spend time with Him so that we can prepare for the worst and pray for the best that He always has for us. When our days seem overcast, when it seems that our storm will never leave, God is here behind those clouds. He is our bright sun shining in that most beautiful deep blue sky who reveals Himself to us when we come to Him and ask Him to take away the clouds of pain and sorrow.

God is awesome. God is tremendous. God is powerful. God is here.

Love, M

If you would like to help out those in need after the devastation of Harvey…..

The sky as we left Wolff Stadium yesterday….



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