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What We Leave Behind

I grew up in a small South Carolina town, and I love going back from time to time to visit my mama, family, and friends. So much influenced me in that little town and I take a bit of it with me wherever I go. Time moves on. One minute you’re a little girl rocking on your Nannie’s screened-in porch, the next minute you’re grown and somewhere a thousand miles away from that screened-in porch. Wherever you may go, you take a little bit with you and you leave a little bit behind.

Life has taken me to a lot of places and I’ve experienced some unusual things, but I’m glad it has. Since leaving that small South Carolina town, I’ve been across most of this great country and what an eye opener it’s been. As much as we love a small town, it kind of keeps us insulated from things.  There’s an entire America out there that many don’t get to experience.  I’ve seen some beautiful country that only the hand of God could have created. I’ve met some amazing people, kind and loving people from all walks of life. Different backgrounds, different Races, and some who are here from different countries chasing a dream. I’ve made lifelong friends with most of them. Some I will never see again until I make my way to Glory, but I think of them often. Others I keep in touch with as best I can.

So, here I sit at the end of another baseball season and I think of all the precious people that God has brought across my path over the past seven months. I think about all they have blessed me with and I hope that after I’m back in Chattanooga, I will have left something good behind for them to think about when they think of me. It’s so easy in the baseball life to be protective and private. You never know if someone wants to take advantage of what your husband does for a living, you know, just be a friend because of it. I used to place myself in that secure bubble of the “baseball family,” but then I finally figured out it’s good to reach out to those in the towns we make our homes in for six months of the year. I have been so blessed because I did decide to make friendships outside of baseball. I’ve been blessed by becoming a part of the community, or by serving in a community, even though I’m there for just a little while. God led me out of that small town over thirty years ago because He wanted to teach me that others are pretty much just like me, that we are all God’s children, and that little ol’  introverted me, can still be a positive influence on others.  People need friendship, we all want love, and we all should be willing to help others, especially those in spiritual need.  God wants us, He expects us as Christians, to leave a a little bit of “me” and a whole lot of Him, wherever we may go.

Love, M

Me and the precious Mr. Albert King, Castroville, TX Summer of 2017



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