Lilies Among the Thorns


Sometimes when you take time to look around, does God direct your gaze to a “lily among the thorns?” Maybe He hands you that “lily” who just needs to be planted in His “soil” and then gently cared for with the nourishment of His Word, with prayer, and then watered with love. The roots grow stronger and the “lily” blooms into a beautiful child of God.

God calls on us to walk among the “thorns” of this world. He cultivates us by using us and others to do His work. We become His and we bloom despite the thorns of this world.

Love, M

A couple of weeks ago at Baseball Bible Study here in Peoria, AZ, we met Josie and Ella. Josie is the daughter of missionaries, but was searching for her own calling. In the end, she was called to help young girls in the Philippines who were being forced into Human Trafficking and abused in other ways. Ella is one of those girls. Here is a short video about Josie’s organization, Consider the Lily ….