Celebrating Birthdays

Yesterday was my 54th birthday. My how time flies, so I guess I’ve been having a lot of fun. My mama calls me at exactly the same time every year, 11:19am, the moment I made my entrance into the world. I cherish those calls because I’m not sure how many more of those I will get. I cherish all of the well wishes from phone calls, to texts, to Facebook. I really do, but I’m not a big celebration kind of girl. I don’t really like all the attention, never have. Maybe it stems from my first memory of having a birthday party. Mama had decorated their unfinished den in the basement for my third birthday, and I was so thrilled with it all that I decided to take a tumble down the steps into that unfinished basement. I still remember it pretty vividly. Yeah, I think that fall is what messed me up in more ways than one.

So nope, I don’t really want any pomp and circumstance when it comes to celebrating my birthday. I would rather have a quiet dinner with family, and or a few friends. Birthdays should be celebrated in some way, whether quietly or with a huge bash. It’s a celebration of the life God has given us. It’s a celebration that we are given yet another year to walk through opened doors, to do good works, to enjoy the beauty of this world, to spend time with family and friends, to become closer to God and become more like Him. I may not like a big celebration, but I have never dreaded my next birthday or getting older because it’s all part of the process of getting to where I will one day be. Until then, I will enjoy a little bit of heaven here on earth…last night, the AG “Buttah” Cake, tonight a little slice of Key Lime Pie sitting in my refrigerator, carefully boxed up for me. After all that, I will then enjoy a good workout….or two.

If you are ever in the Phoenix  (Peoria, Glendale) area, I highly recommend dining at  Arrowhead Grill. Great steak, atmosphere, and wait staff. Reservations are a good idea. Thanks Big Daddy for the sweet birthday date and thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!!16807601_10212103291207692_780540199974359431_n

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  1. Wonderful experience for you Monte e. You are such a blessing. We should all follow your example and allow His to use us as He sees fit.
    May He bless you abundantly.


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