Love, M

From my beginning God has prepared me for the life I live. I was only a few months old and sitting in my carrier watching my Uncle Eddie playing P-15 baseball at Riley Ballpark in Sumter, SC , and then twenty two years later, I’m watching my future husband playing in the exact same ballpark. I’ve been sitting in the “bleachers” for thirty one straight Summers of my life. There are so many things God has allowed me to experience in my life to prepare me for where I am today. Watching the Nashville Sounds in the Summers with my dad. My maternal grandaddy’s love for The Game, The Braves, and how much he influenced me to love baseball. Traveling all over with my paternal grandfather on his business trips. My parent’s divorce when I was five years old. From divorce I learned how to deal with a situation, how to be a strong and independent woman from my mother and from my father what my role in my marriage should be. Then God sends a husband to me from out of nowhere it seems. I enter this baseball world so new and different where I can experience new people and things, bursting that safe bubble I grew up in and out of my shyness. Bursting that bubble has opened up new ways for me to serve Him. Yes, God has prepared me so well. It is amazing to look back and watch things unfold as He planned my walk with all its beautiful twists and turns. When I let down my stubbornness and decide to open my heart and eyes to Him, sometimes I can see that with each day He allows me to experience, it is in preparation for what is to come.

I blogged several years ago, but this blog will be a little different. I’ve changed so much since the last blog and will change, I am sure, as I pen this one. I want to share my experiences, my thoughts as a Christian woman, a baseball wife, and as a daughter, sister, and mother. I also want to share some great finds, fun stuff, and some of the people I get to meet from wherever I may be roaming at the moment. I hope you will enjoy getting to know me a little more, and if you’d like, share a little of yourself with me.

Love, M


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